The IMT-GT Joint Business Council (IMT-GT JBC)

The Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) was established in 1993. It provides a regional framework for accelerating the economic transformation of its member provinces and states in the three countries. IMT-GT promotes private-sector led growth through exploiting the underlying complementarities and comparative advantages of the participating provinces and states. Therefore, the IMT-GT Joint Business Council (IMT-GT JBC) will act as the focal point of the private sector with a clear mission of encouraging the private sector to pursue trade and investment opportunities created by Vision 2036. It will enlarge its membership base to include MSMEs, SMEs, social enterprises, and high caliber players and representatives of large corporations. It will solicit, consolidate and prioritize policy inputs and project ideas from its diverse membership base for achieving the inclusive objective of Vision 2036. JBC members will be key implementer of Vision 2036 projects. As a key member of the Project Implementation Team, JBC will engage in regular dialogue with Working Groups, National Secretariat Meeting, Senior Official Meeting and Ministerial Meeting to ensure issues and challenges related to the implementation of Vision 2036 are properly and promptly dealt with.