Ayeyawady – Chao Phraya – Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy Joint Business Council (ACMECS JBC) 

ACMECS is a sub-regional framework which comprise 5 Mekong countries, namely Thailand, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam established to take advantage of the strength and diversity of the four countries to promote balanced development with sub-region. On behalf of the private sector, ACMECS Joint Business Council (ACMECS JBC) is a private organization which works an important mechanism to promote the participation of the private sector in the cooperation between member countries. The role of JBS as a driving force of business sector co-operation, and the organization of joint trade and investment promotion activities by government and business sectors could play a significant role in cross-border trade and investment by promoting an ecosystem conducive to digital economy, e-payment, migrant workers’ remittances facilitation, harmonization of rules and regulations, and development of Common Control Area. The promotion of regional cooperation and information sharing among partner countries are focused in 6 main cooperation branches which are:

  1. Trade and Investment Facilitation
  2. Cooperation in agriculture and industry
  3. Transportation links
  4. Tourism cooperation
  5. Human Resource Development
  6. Public Health Cooperation